Thursday, March 7, 2013

And one more leading nowhere, just for show

I think we can all sympathize with Tevye.  At least, those of us who know who he is.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a bit.  Maybe not.  It's not like I get a lot of traffic.  Which suits me fine, since this is very much a vanity project.  But, at the very least, I should explain my absence.  I've been going through a burnout period with my games, and I haven't watched any movies/shows worth blogging about, and as I want to keep this focused on entertainment, well, if you got nothing to blog about, kind of hard to blog.

Another factor though, is that I've been trying to dive back into creative writing again.  I think I may have struck upon something that will work, at least so far as my being able to write it consistently.  I'm going to be starting a serial.  It's brilliant (for me) for a number of reasons. 

First, I suck at finishing a story.  I get caught up in re-editing, tweaking, going back and re-writing until I get so burnt out on the first 30 pages that I just walk away.

Second, serialized storytelling is THE medium of this generation, and has been for some time.  Comic books, soap operas, prime time television, all of these mediums use serialization in one form or another to tell stories.  A properly done serial will leave you with a longing for more of the story.

Finally, my goal is not to seek a profit.  If, by some chance, it's deemed good enough to publish, then great, but storytelling, to me, is something that should be shared with the world anyways.  It's one of the reasons I'm pursuing a degree in Information and Library Services.

So, right now I'm wrapping up the first part of my story, trying to think of a name for the serial, trying to decide how I want to go about publishing it (I'm thinking a secondary blog devoted to just the serial would be best), and if I want to try for some advertising.  My goal is to have everything in place by the end of the month, and start posting bi-weekly beginning in April.  I'm actually extremely excited about it, and I hope those of you who do follow me will enjoy it as well.

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