Monday, February 4, 2013

With a slice, and a snip, eenie-meenie-miney-mo!

Terrance Zdunich.  The man is a true artist, with a bit of mad genius thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes life is about the little goals we reach for.  I haven't been feeling great, thanks to an annoying head cold (could be worse), and with money being a tad tight post Christmas I don't really have the money to invest in any household projects to take up my leisure time.  Got to buy materials to build with after all.  So this weekend, I set out to do 4 things, and managed to succeed in them.

My first priority was logging into Star Trek Online to get my Enterprise C lookalike ship.  Yes, I know, my priorities are a tad askew.  This was easily done though, as it just involved logging in and doing a quick quest.  It did serve to remind me that I really don't spend enough time with this delightful game though.  Especially since I'm too high of a level to use the basic version, and too low of a level to use the refit version.  Although that may not matter as I'm actual loathe to give up my science vessels.

Getting to 85 with my Horde character has been something I've been working towards for a while, as I really wanted to see Pandaria from the Horde perspective, having grown bored with it Alliance side.  Managed to pull that off late Sunday afternoon, so another check in the box.  Props to my guild, The Insiders on Zangarmarsh.  Good group of people, pleasant for chatting with, really takes the edge off the grind.

I also managed to make time for my family this weekend.  I don't visit with my parents near often enough, but well, such is the life of an adult with children and responsibilities of their own.

My DVR shows are more caught up now.  Gotta say, I am loving Banshee, even if it is completely ridiculous, over the top, and clearly written by a guy with a macho tough guy fetish.  And Arrow continues to impress, although they're having a hard time surprising me with anything, but that's only because of my comic reading background and particular fondness for the DC Universe.  It's also good to see John Barrowman as something other then Captain Jack Harkness.  Although, that reminds me, I have got to track down Miracle Day to watch.

So yeah, simple weekend, but I found it fulfilling.  Now if I hadn't wasted my morning playing Soul Calibur V . . .

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