Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being

I wonder if my passion for 90's alternative is obvious yet?

I don't actually have much to say today.  No complaints.  At least, none for the public.  I've been doing this thing lately where I'm trying to cut down on the negativity involved in my life.  Removing people from friend's lists, limiting the amount of time I spend with negative people, that sort of thing.  I think it's working.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm normally a cantankerous, sardonic bastard.  It's pretty much my default setting.  But I'm not stressed about anything.

See, that's actually the major downside to this information age we're in.  Too much info.  Remember when people kept shit to themselves?  Now, with Facebook especially, other people's drama is pushed right into your face, and you can't escape it.  All I want to do is reach out and slap people sometimes. 

It's your own fault your boyfriend is an ex-con and a tool, and I won't be sympathetic.  Oh?  Some people called you a bad mom, so now you're going to blow up the interwebs with huge amounts of profanity to prove you're a good mom, all the while proving just how right they are?  Not that anyone can understand what you're saying.  Spelling and punctuation, it helps make you sound less stupid.  Wait, your life sucks and didn't turn out the way you planned, so you're going to blame everyone but yourself, meanwhile spend all your time escaping to fantasy worlds, and then have the nerve to get pissed when I don't want to join you in your misery?  Oh, and to those who keep posting misinformation: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THE FUCKING INTERNET!!!!

Put the pitchforks down.  I've been guilty of some of this myself.  I'm not proud of it, and I try to keep it from happening, but ultimately, I'm an illogical, passion driven guy.  I rarely think before speaking, but at least I admit to it, and I like to think I admit it when I've made a mistake.  Oh, and if you recognized yourself in that little tirade, well, tough shit.  Maybe this is the hint that you needed to start keeping your drama to yourself.  Or, go start your own blog, so I can have the freedom to ignore it.

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