Thursday, January 17, 2013

They got caught in a celluloid jam

My wife and I are cinema lovers.  Might sound a bit pretentious I suppose, but it's a term I prefer.  I use cinema, as opposed to movie, simply because we enjoy movies as art.  By that, I mean we tend to go on in great length about all aspects of a movie that we enjoy.  It's almost never as simple as "Wow, that was a great movie.  So funny."  Usually it's something more akin to "I really like the way the story progression worked, although the editing was off at times."  Yeah, we're THOSE people. 

I follow directors, as opposed to actors, although I do have actors that I'm fond of.  But I'm not a blind fanboi when it comes to the directors I follow either.  Kevin Smith for example.  I love his body of work, and, for the most part anyways, his writing and directing really speak to me.  However Vulgar is a godawful movie that should never have been released, and he does have a tendency to be a bit too juvenile with his humor.  But then he released Red State, which just proved me wrong and is seriously one of the best indie movies I've seen in the last few years.  Wouldn't know it was one of his though, unless you paid attention.

Now, I'm hard pressed to list favorite movies.  I have many, and you'd have to specify a genre in order for me to start naming movies, and do be prepared for an earful on why I consider it my favorite.  There are some genres I prefer, and honestly, some I avoid.  Dramas, especially historical ones, just don't do it for me.  Take Lincoln.  I'm probably not going to see it, nor do I have any real desire to see it.  Yes, I've heard that it is great.  No surprise really, considering who was involved, although Spielberg is very much hit or miss with me.  But I know the story.  I've read the history books.  I've actually read biographies.  I see no reason to go see someone's visual interpretation of history.  I've got nothing against factual stories mind you, and if it's a historical film based on something that I may not know much about, like say, The King's Speech, I will probably get around to watching it.  Full disclosure though, I'm an Anglophile, so I probably would have seen The King's Speech even if it wasn't based on history.

The Fifth Element, in case you were wondering, would probably be my number one movie, if forced into deciding.  Luc Besson is a highly under-appreciated director here in the US, and this movie should have been so much more then the cult movie it has become.  The special effects still hold up, without any Lucas-style "re-workings", the story is classic cinema, the characters are all easily recognized archetypes, and there's just a brilliant balance between poignancy, action, and comedy, and I could literally gush for hours about this movie.

Theoretically, I might actually stop blogging about myself and who I am, but I doubt it.  There's a certain freedom that this little endeavour is giving me that I'm quite enjoying, and since it's an opt-in sort of thing, I don't feel like I'm cluttering peoples views with shit they don't care about, like Facebook.

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